Candle Wax Before Melting

Why Coconut Wax?

Let us first look at the different waxes and why we decided not to use them.

The most common Paraffin Wax is derived from petroleum hence it is the most unsustainable, destructive wax. It also burns very fast resulting the need for frequent stock up or purchases. 

Palm Wax was once thought to be sustainable, its qualities are one of the better ones among other oil options. However, deforestation to accommodate more plantations have caused serious destructions to the climate and local ecosystem, endangering many species of animals.

Beeswax is a more sustainable options but sadly with a very low scent throw. And it can be harvested unethically or

unsustainably when not following certain conditions. There may also be a potential issue of colony collapse disorder.

Soy Wax has been gaining popularity in the recent years being a more environmentally conscious option. However, soy wax does not carry much scent and being a by-product of the soy bean industry, there is a concern of deforestation plus unhealthy amount of pesticides and fertilisers used. 

So why did we choose to use Coconut Wax?

Mainly because of it currently being the most eco-friendly wax on the market. Coconuts do not require pesticides or fertiliser to grow, they are harvested by hand and coconut oil is obtained via a simple extraction process. They might eventually be grown in an unsustainable manner, but currently deforestation is not yet associated with the industry and coconuts are are still being grown carefully by small independent farms.


Coconut waxes have extremely good properties - They are clean-burning, which means they produce no harmful chemicals when lit. They are one of the slowest burning waxes and have an outstanding scent throw. 

However, coconut wax has a very low melting point. It can turn into liquid form at about 40 degrees celsius, which means when it is transported during high heat in the summer, there is a risk for the candle to melt. 

Despite this, we still believe coconut wax is the best option on the market right now with a very good balance in quality and sustainability.