New Moon


New Moon is when the Moon is between Earth and Sun. The side of the moon that is in shadow faces Earth hence we are unable to see the moon on this night.

Every new moon is a blank canvas, the dark night helps us reflect on ourselves and look at what we want to grow as the moon builds. 

Cleanse your space and light a candle on this darkest night of the month. Ask the Universe to shine light on you and bring a little more light into your lives during this new moon.

On your journal, reflect and be complete with the previous cycle, set new intentions and visualize.

Thank the Universe and put out your candle.

Full Moon


Full Moon marks the completion of the growth cycle of our intention. With its energy at its peak, we put into fruition the intentions we set two weeks before. Whether or not you reap the fruits of your labour, be grateful and trust in what to come.

Once the full moon arrives, it is the start of the waning moon phase. As the moon decrease, it is a great time to reflect on what we've built during the waxing phase and let go of things that no longer serves us.

On this night, cleanse your space and light a candle to illuminate the way to your true feelings.

 Express this through writing to gain clarity and insights.

Speak aloud what you want to forgive and let go. Feel the negativity drain away into the Universe.

Visualise your Goal and let your heart filled with happiness and gratitude at your achievements.

Thank the Universe and put out your candle.