A Christmas Full Month Baby Party

Baby Elizabeth reached her one month of age this December. Mummy Joyce thought of giving her a Christmas themed full month party. However just a low cost simple one, so Joyce approached The Cat Carousel to design a poster.

Joyce gave Baby Elizabeth a nickname, Elly (Elephant). She showed me Baby Elly's room and clothes, all elephant related in pretty pink, grey and white.

That's why I've decided to created this adorable Santa Hat Baby Elephant poster for them. With the watercolor effect, the poster gives off a soft and lovely winterly feel of this Christmas season.

It was really fun creating this poster. It makes us smile when we look at it. Hope it warmed everyone's heart a little at the party too! :)

Joyce also sent us some pictures of the actual party! It was lovely!

Lastly I wish Health, Happiness and Wisdom for Baby Elly. May she grow up healthy and happy with lots of love surrounds her!

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