DIY Christmas Card Printables - Pets

It's Christmas again!

I've created a set of christmas card printables for you animal lovers out there! :D

Make them together with your little ones the holiday season. They are super easy to make and is a Great way to spend some quality time with them!

There are 3 pets for you to choose from, a Pug, a Cat and a Lop eared Bunny. Pick your favourite or even better, download all three and make these cute christmas cards for all your friends and family!

How to:

1. Print out the artwork on a thicker A4 size paper, maybe around 160gsm.

2. There are only four parts per card, cut them all out individually.

3. Follow the instructions and stick the hands on the card backing.

4. Apply Glue or Double sided tape to the bottom of the card backing and stick the pet's body on it.

*We prefer to use tape so we do not have to wait for the glue to dry and sometimes glue will cause the paper to wrinkle if applied too much.

5. After you've made the card, write a personalised message and insert in between the card.

And it is good to go to its new owner!

You can get these adorable printables from the Freebies page.

Please keep in mind that these printables are Free for your personal use only.


If you are kind enough to share, please link back to this page instead of the artwork.

Thank you!

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