Eat Drink & be Married

Kassy like the quote "Eat drink and be Married" and hope to incorporate it into her invitation of a modern and romantic style. So I suggested going with the color of her hand bouquet to have a softer feel.

At first she wanted a less feminine style as she said her fiance might not like it too floral since he's giving them to his guy friends. However, I convinced her to go more romantic after seeing her gown and hand bouquet. In the end they love it and got alot of compliments from their friends! :D

Kassy also wanted a logo for her RSVP site. And I think a simple round one with just a few foliage design will go well on the invite which is already crowded with flowers. And also bring a more cohesive look to the website.

The floral concept and logo are also used to create powerpoint slides for their photo montage and the thank you tags on wedding favors.

I've also helped them create a wedding website with the same theme where guests are able to view their pictures, wedding information and also RSVP their attendance.

Really happy that everything turns out well.

May Niek and Kassy have a happily ever after marriage!

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