Florals by Benita

Last month, Benita asked me if I can help her to revamp her logo, which was initially stalks of wild flowers in neutral grey.

Now she wanted something more detailed and refine with a rustic feel. She sent me a picture of a floral wreath she shot from her computer screen and asked me if I'm able to create something similar and also if I can replace the birds in the floral wreath photo with bunnies. Of course I said yes and her 2 super cute dwarf and lop eared immediately popped into my head!

To go with the already crowded wild flowers, a simple font will really stand out. So i managed to find one which is not only slick but also with a touch of casualness and fun factor. Plus, I really like how the lower case F and B unite in this logo. :D

Benita also wanted me to print the logo on some mini cards so she can clip them on every bouquet ordered from her. Saw some photos on her instagram, the cards look really nice on the flowers!

With a new logo means new namecards, hence I also designed a set for her with watercolor backgrounds in the four main colors found on the logo. In the end, she decided to print the pink and the green. I am actually hoping she will print all four. haha. :D

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