Simple Dream

This is actually a design for the winner of my wedding inspiration photo contest last year. I waited very long for her to contact me and finally Evangeline sent me a fb message in April!

She wanted something simple and classy in white & gold. So I thought why not just focus on their names using handwritten calligraphy with big flourish to fill up the space! :)

Thinking that it might look too plain, I added a very simple wreath with just leaves and branches to give it a little whimsical feel and I love it!

Sadly, after doing some research online, Evangeline was tempted by the hand-painted invitations! hahaha. And she decided not to go with this. :(

But the good news is, this is now available for purchase in my shop at "ready designs" price! So if you like this design, hop over and get it now! :D

Your names will be personalize in calligraphy style!

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