Love is in the Air

It is an overseas wedding!

Raine and Gavin are getting married in Perth, how exciting! I so want to get married again in another land! But planning an overseas event is really not easy, a simple holiday already have so many things to take note of, let alone a wedding in a foreign country!

The couple first contacted me through my Brother. Hence, there is a slight miscommunication. They wanted a boarding pass wedding invitation, and with all the reference pictures sent, I created something based on them without communicating with the bride. It really is My Biggest Mistake. :(

Here's the first proposal which Raine finds it too baby shower-like. When she mentioned it, I actually have to agree with her. haha

After changing color, it looks less kiddish but it is just not the style the bride wants.

Finally we liaised directly.

Raine actually had many ideas that she likes, but having too many elements it could looked overcrowded and unfocused. So the couple discussed and decided to focus on "Love is in the Air" with a vintage plane.

Initially, the gold parts are supposed to be printed in real gold foil. And because the more economical foil printing was unable to align fine lines properly on colored background, to achieve the exact effect, pricey hot-stamping is needed. Eventually, Raine and Gavin decided to go for the digital faux foil effect.

Which is not bad, just that with the hot foil stamping, it really gives off a luxurious and exquisite feel. :)

All packed and ready to go!

Of course, some of you might have already noticed, "We are Flying" invite from my previous instagram post came from here. It was an altered version from the initial proposal for this project.

And I am really happy that this design got featured on @WEDDINGDREAM on instagram! :D

You can now purchase this boarding pass invitation here.

After sending out their invites, The couple contacted me again to design a Thank You message to be printed on magnets as their wedding favours. Isn't the idea cute? :D