Alene first contacted me when she saw what I did for Florals by Benita on Benita's blog. And she wanted me to design a website banner for her beauty blog.

Alene was super easy to work with and totally trust my creativity 100%. She basically just let me do whatever I want and requested only for an origami cat and some beauty products.

I am really flattered. :)

I thought I should keep the essence from the initial banner, it was "paperkitties" handwritten in watercolor, so I suggested to go for a hand drawn illustration with some watercoloring.

After brainstorming for abit, I thought a 'Spa' feel would be lovely. With some flowers, grass and herbs surrounding the beauty products and cats hanging out nearby.

What I pictured was actually something simple, not sure why it turned out to be quite messy. haha.

But I am quite happy with the flow and despite of being messy, it still looks pretty. ;p

Everytime I sent out an artwork for approval, I always thinks the client won't like it, me and my low self-esteem. :( I'll keep worrying about it until I clicked on their replies. Even at the moment I clicked, my heart beat really fast. lol

" Hi Dulce, I LOVE IT! Haha I think you did a fantastic job interpreting my style into your work and thank you so much for your time in it. "

These are the exact words from Alene. When I get this kind of replies, I am finally at ease and feel that all the hard work is really worth it!

Really grateful that there isn't any changes to the design thou. haha ;D

Alene actually blog about this:

And what she says really really put me on cloud nine! :D

This is how the banner looks on Paperkitties website.

I will also be designing Alene's wedding invitation, stay tuned!

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