Arctic Adventure

I'm so glad YiMin found me to create her wedding invitation. She has this very interesting theme and I was super excited to take on the challenge! :D

It is a story of a Polar Bear and a Narwhal.

(the couple's pet names for each other. Isn't it cute? ;p)

YiMin saw the Antelope Invitation I did before and wanted something of the same style. She wanted me to illustrate a Polar Bear Bride and a Narwhal Groom. At first I was quite worried whether I am able to get the narwhal right, it does look very tricky to draw. But I am actually very happy of how it turned out! And of course to made it more personalized, I had the characters dressed in the couple's wedding outfits. :D

As it is going to be a wedding luncheon, YiMin wanted the background to reflect daytime with a little more greenery and flowers.

So an idea came to me of having these arctic mammals back at their homeland, standing on some greens, back-facing the icebergs since sadly due to global warming, there are now greens in the coldest part of earth too.

But I must say nothing beats a white and blue polar ocean. It is cold but pure and beautiful.

YiMin must've think the same hence she requested to omit the greens.

And she also prefer the narwhal to look more human so I turned the tail into a pair of black pants with matching shoes. :D

Really love characters drawing, it is so much fun! But also very time consuming. ;p That is the down part. However I am very glad and honoured to be able to take on this job and create something which plays a part in someone's big day. :D

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