A Fairytale Garden

Before asking me to do her wedding invitation, Alene approached me to design a website banner for her beauty blog, Paperkitties. Which you can know more about it in my previous post.

After some thought, Alene wanted to go with watercolor again, along the line of a ready design available on my website.

Of course, I do not want it to be too similar and I don't really like to replicate something which I've already done before.

"I want to create something new!"

Me and my selfish thought. haha.

So anyway, I saw her gowns and feel that they are all very princessy.

Hence, I decided to go for something whimsical, a fairytale garden concept. I kinda like the mini arc around the date, think it is quite cute. ;p

And also, not to forget the kitties! Alene must've love cats alot! Something we have in common. hahahha.

Same as the website banner, she accepted the design straight away without me having to do any amendments! Isn't that the best thing? ;p

Really happy that Alene love the design. She also told me that she kept receiving compliments from her friends and families.

And she is so nice to write me a good review!

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