Turning One

The Cat Carousel turns 1 this October!

I actually don't remember the exact date when I started the business, only know that it is in October because Facebook said so. hahaha.

To keep it simple, I chose 1st Oct to be the 'birthday' as it used to be my second favourite day of the year when I was a kid, Children's Day! Favourite is my own birthday of course. lol

Too bad they change Children's Day to the 1st friday of October now. -__-

Never would've thought that I will become a stationer when I first quit my job. Husband and I were suppose to move to Vietnam for an organic agriculture business. When things didn't work out after a year, only then I started brainstorming of what I can do besides going back to office jobs.

I do not want to go into fashion again and the only thing I've learned during my 10years in the industry is photoshop and illustrator. I dare not say I am very good at it but it is sufficient to get simple artworks done.

Since it is a skill which I am more confident in, and at the later part of my lingerie design career, I actually prefer creating catalogs, pamphlets and posters for the brand instead of designing lingerie itself, hence this is the only direction I can think of for a career change.

It is not stagnant, I can create all sorts of prints and it will be fun doing them! And it is true! I went to bed every night, feeling excited for the next day to come so I can do my work. haha! I guess this is what passion feels like. So glad that I've finally found something I enjoy and want to do for the next 10years. haha! Started this quite late, but it is better late than never!

My first set of Wedding stationary.

I intend to have printables in all different categories and chose to start off with Wedding, as I thought it has the most demand and I got so inspired by all the pretty invites in the market. Plus I want to make up for my not so nice wedding invites back in the days. ;p

Actually did this first wedding printables just for fun. haha. Was playing with illustrator to draw some flowers and 'wala!', my first wedding set is out. Very amateurish designed thou. lol

Maybe because I started off with wedding, most who approached me were interested in wedding invites. And I ended up specializing in Wedding stationaries now. :)

Business started really slow initially and people are more into customizations, so for those early projects, many are charged way below my time and effort. But I enjoyed doing every single one of them, and it is extremely rewarding when the brides are happy with the end products. That is when I feel all the hard work is worth it.

especially enjoy couple illustrations.

Love how i can illustrate every little details of their outfits, I guess old habits are hard to break, a fashion graduate after all. hahha. And also because couple illustrations are the most unique, they tell intimate storries of the couples and their wedding.

Really Grateful.