A Majestic Affair

Ivan found me through the Bridestory platform.

He is looking for something glamorous with a majestic feel.

After some discussion and a few reference pictures, the design is set to be in white and gold.

A Timeless Combination.

The design focus is on the front logo, with some vintage gold/silverware inspiration. Giving off a glamorous dining feel, just like what we often see in Downton Abbey. 😝

Of course this design is perfect if printed with hot foil stamping. But due to cost, the couple decided

to just print the cards with digital effect, only the envelope is in real foil.

Although different printing techniques, the set still look awesome!

Super Love the Envelopes with the Gold Foil trims at the Back.

They never insist on it but very glad that I'm able to get this done for Ivan and Rainee. They've included a similar envelope in one of their reference pictures and i thought it will really elevates the glamour of the invitation. And I even managed to get them printed with a very reasonable price!

Working with Ivan and Rainee was a breeze. Everything I suggested and proposed was efficiently decided upon. Sometimes I'm amazed by how quickly they said "Yes". Lol

They decided to have me as their stationer like almost immediately, not much questions and procrastinations.

It was a very smooth and enjoyable project.

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