Lego in a Garden

Charlene was looking for a set of stationery suite which consists of Invitation, Infographic card and Thank you card. She wanted a pastel floral design to go with their wedding at Gardens by the Bay.

They do not have any particular theme, just want to incorporate the things they both love as part of the deco, wedding favor and cake.

Especially Lego, they are both big fans of Lego. The couple actually created a very cute logo for themselves but because it doesn't quite go with the design I had in mind, so I redrew another one although Charlene mention that it is not necessary to include if it doesn't fit. But I thought it is really a cute idea to add the Lego into the design.

I also love how the Lego logo is being used in the infographic card where it shows they each have very different hobbies but share the same love for Lego. :D

Charlene wanted an infographic card to tell their love story in a glance and also to show some details of their wedding including the very important people in their lives.

The set also includes a Thank You card to all their families and friends.

Charlene and Jayden are also super sweet to specially come all the way to my place to collect their stationeries and pass me one of their wedding favour as a token of appreciation, super cute with their DIY lego figurine. :D

It came with a nice Thank you note too!

Actually it is really a Small World!

When they arrived at my block, I was shocked to see that Jayden was my secondary school classmate! Because we weren't close and we knew eachother by our chinese names so we had no idea at all throughout the whole process. ;p

But I kinda find it funny when I was doing their infographic card, all the groomsmen's names are the same as some of my secondary schoolmates. And I had a feeling that I might know these groomsmen. hahahha!

Charlene and Jayden just got married in October, and I really wish them all the best and happily ever after!

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