A Monkey & Rabbit Rendezvous

I have a 4 years younger niece and with my other cousin, we grew up together in the same block. We played and laughed and of course occasionally my cousin and I will gang up and bullied my niece. :p Three of us have a love hate relationship. :D

She was always like a child in my eyes (although we are only 4 years apart), I can't believe she is already at the marriageable age. haha

And needless to say, I offered to help her with the invitation part. :D

She wanted a gold floral theme with a bunny and monkey representing their chinese zodiacs. And I wanted something elegant with a touch of cuteness for her.

For a full gold on white design, it would be best to have it stamped out in real foil, totally brings out its exquisiteness. Surely the cost will be higher, but the effect is totally worth it!

Also did a matching envelope logo. The set look so lovely together! :D

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