Nautical Twinning

6th June, my birthday! The older I get, the more I hate my birthday. Every passing year means more fine lines, sagging skin and droopy eyelid. hah! :D

Put that aside, since this month is also the sign of Gemini ( Twins ), I would like to share a set of stationery for a pair of twins who had their first birthday early this year.

Elaine, my ex-colleague, wanted to customize an invitation, thank you card and poster as a gift for her sister-in-law's twin babies' first birthday.

Her sis-in-law does not have any specific theme and Elaine loves Nautical, i guess that's why she suggested nautical and lambs since the twins are born in the year of sheep.

I've always wanted to draw cute animals in nautical outfits, so this is a perfect opportunity! :D

And I totally love it when clients just trust me 100% and let me design based on what's in my head!

But maybe because Elaine is my friend, and i kinda know her style so it is easier for me to come out with the design. Usually I will prefer clients to let me know their preferences so I don't go too far away from their likings. ;p

Elaine told me in the end, the function room does not have a proper space for the giant poster. It had to be pasted over the TV, and it just doesn't look good. Abit wasted. :(

Really love how this set turned out, hopefully Elaine's sister-in-law will paste the poster in the babies' room for a while. :p

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