A Game of Love & Laughter

October 11, 2017

My first and only full set stationeries to date.  :D Jay first contacted me at the end of 2016, they were going to have a summer wedding back in their hometown, Latvia, at the countryside next to a lake. They wanted to have a fun theme incorporating elements from their favourite shows like F.R.I.E.N.D.S and Shrek. The most interesting part of their idea was to create a board game using their dating timeline.


After seeing the style of illustration they would like to go for, the idea just came to me that I have to draw out an imaginary landscape of a countryside as the cover of the board game as that will be where their Happily Ever After taking place. Swan and rose were requested because, if I remembered correctly, the Groom's name means swan and the Bride's, rose. :D


Noticed the line "A Game of Love & Laughter"? The font and colored dots took inspiration from sitcom, F.R.I.E.N.D.S's title. *wink* ;p

I am so super proud to finish this board game! Because everytime there is a mistake or changes, I'd need to move the yellow brick one by one, and also to make sure the line will fit in all milestones. Most importantly, think of how to link up board game elements like jump forward, move back and miss a turn into their story!


Reading the detailed timeline consolidate by the Bride, made me feel like I knew this couple for years! Knowing every single details of their dating life. It was really tedious, but I had so much fun transforming the words into visuals!

This board game has a little something inspired by Shrek and that is... the onion carriage! :D


As most of their guests were from Latvia, the stationeries all have to be in dual languages. That was also quite a challenge. ;p


The couple came up with a prep info on the traditions and tasks for their bridesmaids and groomsmen which they have to accomplish before and during the wedding. And named this mission "Fellowship of the Rings", inspired by another favourite movie series, The Lord of the Rings.


And that was the invitation part.


Moving on to 2017, the process continued with a series of fun table names, every name starts with " The one with", just like the titles in F.R.I.E.N.D.S for every episode.

 I had been thinking how to add in game elements to other stationeries and suddenly came across this brilliant idea of a spinning wheel! It is so perfect for the couple's drinks menu as they specially thought of 10 different types of cocktails for their bar, the names fitted nicely on the spin wheel and served as an awesome drinking game at the wedding!