The Fullerton Hotel Singapore (available in-store)

Received a request to illustrate The Fullerton Hotel Singapore for a wedding invitation a couple of months back. Decided to give the invite a more vibrant look by capturing the amazing night lights of the hotel.

It was also requested to add in elements of a postcard due to the hotel's rich history of being Singapore's Post office.

However, after completing the illustration and draft, the couple had a change of mind, they had decided to forfeit the customization and go with the hotel's complimentary invites.

Because it is such a waste to let this illustration go archive, this design is now for sale on our website.

So for you beautiful couples out there who will be having your wedding in this majestic building, you are getting yourself a steal! Head to our Store right now! The design is available in Navy and Maroon, with custom map illustration at the back.

You can also choose to print them in real foil or just standard color. :)

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